Posted by: p0et | June 20, 2008

Life Adds Up

I live a life of

1 to three

and lost a man

who then was me

to slowly grow

and flowing know

the height and depth

and breath sum show



  1. I lost the woman I would have been
    because everything I was died that day
    and it was so hard to build mysef up again
    with a heart that did not feel anything but pain.

  2. You lost the woman you may have been
    yet something lived that day
    and that someone has recreated life
    with a heart that can now feel anything.

  3. I am not the human being I was then
    and neither are you.
    I have wandered through living hell
    as lonely as loneliness may be.
    But it was worth it.
    For you are writing those lines to me.

  4. I am more than I was and do not seek to be then
    To have wandered through hell is still to live
    You refer to loneliness in the past tense so you do love now
    Such a thing as you refer to can have no worth
    Wreckers have no worth other than to wreck which is less than worthless as worthless indicates nothing or no value whereas wreckers create negative value
    The lines are from me but you read what I did not write so my heart swells

  5. I’m only able to understand part of what you both are talking about, but I know you mean more than your words say.
    You are not the human being you used to be, but I respect profoundly the human being you are.

  6. The lines are from me but you read what I did not write so my heart swells.

    Yes and no, Robert.

    I am better and happier now than I would have ever been.

    I have gained an understanding that I would never have gained.

    I have conquered a freedom that I would never have conquered.

    So I am better every way.

  7. But you, Robert, have what many dream of, all their lives.
    Strive to have, and agonize to have, and fail in having.

    Misquoting Browning.

  8. Robert?

    Are you back on the wires?

    I`ve missed your words so much, my friend.

  9. @neilhimself Neil Gaiman


    I’m trying to start a multilingual poetry podcast and I need submissions.…

    Retweeted by cohen_alexandra

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