Posted by: p0et | June 6, 2008

Mind Meld

Play tag with real intentions
pass along a tender gesture
then consumate each contact
with a point of honest praise

What may come back from this gamble
is respect and understanding
as evolving players ramble
through a changeling maze all tread

Swirling honour eager healing
pealing layers from the ceiling
moving walls and clearing floorboards
in the chambers of our minds

Feel each fiercely searing instant
every wild erratic flicker
as you touch that fickle portion
of the point where I sees we

Will an ego rise to lash out
at the search to learn and know you
polish shape our small creations
in this craft so wracked with gain

Show fresh fables we alone know
novel secrets unalone now
of those times so recent distant
when we walked in splendour gone

Can your open reason hold me
graceful listen ideas glisten
then to glide toward tomorrow
and enfold that warmth with thought

Sheer mutual treasure near physical pleasure
fear joy and illusion of marvels and fusion
await now the daring
who venture themselves

This trickle flows slow clear vivacious as crystal
enriching each lover increasing all givers
while nameless sad faces race
hating their fear




  1. And to hell with those who are so imprisoned behind their own preconceptions and prejudices that feel outraged by someone else’s ideas and words if they don’t match their own.

    I specially like the last stanzas. They mean passion to me.

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