Posted by: p0et | June 4, 2008

Arachnid enlightenment

spider enlightenment

The intelligence displayed here is almost unfathomable but I suspect that no accident caused this spider to wait on top of a beacon that attracts prey insects.

I took a couple of dozen photos and then left the hunter waiting for the hunted and I never saw this again.

If the photo is enlarged it is possible to see light shining through the spider to give a virtual x-ray.






  1. It is fairly Ok now.

    The spider legs look transparent. or maybe translucid, I am not sure which.

    But it looks deadly either way.

  2. wow…that is a very cool effect!

  3. Alexa,
    What struck me was how this photo manipulated reality. The spider is a small huntsman or wolf spider and it is utterly harmless to humans. It was quite an attractive gracile spider with no dripping fangs or hairy legs to make it look sinister.

    G’day Meander,
    It’s lovely to meet you.

    This photo appears to show a huge venom sac and the reddish lighting adds a malevolence that was not visible to the eye.

    I saw a pretty little spider sitting on a light but the camera froze time in a strange way.


  4. Not deadly to you. Deadly to me.

    I’m allergic to spider poison. A little spider will not kill me but will send me to the hospital no matter how little poison it injected into my body.

  5. Gosh, no! I don’t want to see the spider’s bones…!!!

    Wait… Do spider have bones?

    Heheh… 🙂

    That is an AMAZING picture.

  6. Jesus, Alexa. I’ve heard of deadly allergy to bee’s stings, but never to spider’s stings. I hope you never get bitten by one… Don’t your cats hunt every bug in the house? Mine do. I almostpity the little flying suckers ever time they enter my house. 🙂


  7. Alexa,
    This spider is not deadly to anybody. Not even a brand new little baby.
    The light it is sitting on is a small nightlight and the spider is tiny and very fragile.
    It does have toxic venom but no way of puncturing your skin. I believe that the daddy-long-legs spider has one of the most toxic venoms in the world but it has fangs that are almost microscopic so Aussies are quite happy to give these very efficient hunters of insects and other spiders to have the run of the house.
    Mosquitos are far more deadly than spiders.


  8. G’day Claudia,
    You should have seen the look my daughter gave me when I told her that I could see the spider’s bones. Kids can make us olds seem dim when they want to.

    Spiders do sort of kind of have bones but they are all around their bodies like reverse bones.
    The exoskeleton.
    This photo really distorts reality and now that I think of it that is exactly what I seek in photographic art.

    This tiny little spider has a shell so thin that even the very weak little red light shone straight through it so that a close zoom almost looks like the spider does have two bones on each side of it’s legs but this is a trick of the light.
    The light shines easily through the part of the shell that is flat to the light but is blocked by the parts of the shell that is edgeways to the light.
    Just like an egg held in front of a strong light where the light shines clearly through the middle of the egg because it must only pass through two thin layers of shell but on the edges where the shell curves around and is sideways to the light the light then must pass through a thicker layer of shell.


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