Posted by: p0et | June 3, 2008

Reality Rules OK!

Gale bent branches lash
not quite shattering windows
to a volatile soul
where my precious passes
our winter reading in silent hope
as a flutter in each shadowed
longed for fantasy clashes
with short term reality to clarify
that after each and every reversal
peace will reclaim our time


  1. I posted a photo for this poem on my blog.

    Is it all right?

  2. well this was wonderful.. so glad to see you playing “jigsaw” with us.. it is a lot of fun and very challenging!!!!

  3. G’day whypaisley
    Thanks for the encouragement which is really just another way of saying, ‘Thanks for the inspiration’.

    This is a bit like performance poetry with the audience reaction delayed but far more individual rather than a single and often confusing single group reaction.


  4. G’day Alexa,
    Your blog is alright and so is the photo.
    It fascinates me to see my art through your eyes.

    I have a vision of the poem but I doubt that I could translate it to the visual. Your visual interpretation is not in the direction I had anticipated but it is utterly valid and therefore allows me to hope that the poem has some depth.

    See ya,

    Thanks for clarifying the need to include clarify that I so clearly missed

  5. I would like to know what your vision is like.

    I see a storm and the wind blowing against the trees but when the winds calm down and every tree leaf falls into its place slowly dripping water into the pools it feels peaceful.

    So I searched for a photo who conveyed peace for me.

  6. Great poem! The rest of your photos are interesting to, what country are you from where you have tree frogs?

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