Posted by: p0et | June 3, 2008

Prancing Crow

King of the spa

This was the closest I ever came to a crow.  They are very suspicious but after about two months of gentle feeding this crow became bold enough to walk right across the top of my spa.  He was not comfortable if I made eye contact yet seemed quite oblivious to my camera so I watched the crow watching me through the screen on the back of my camera.





  1. They can be tamed if they are young enough. My mother had one who was called Blackie – not very original, I know.

    It could even say two words: hello and bye. Crows are very clever creatures.

  2. […] week’s One Single Impression prompt, which is permanence (or transience). It was inspired by a post on the Ideas Exchange blog about a prancing crow that Robert by providence captured on film. I suggest you visit his blog, […]

  3. I came here from Raven’s Wing Poetry. ONe great close up.

    Crows are very common birds over here. That is Delhi. Although no one tames them here but they don’t go away or are wary of us.

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