Posted by: p0et | May 31, 2008


Life once gained is fragile and perilous
Who flout the laws of nature
question our continued existence


From this scattered jumble
of past places ideas wander
to a history of our nature
an alternate look at life

We all hear a different piper
see a separate stately message
as we wend our puzzled passage
through this changling maze called time

A we think and taste and touch it
take a nervous nibble quickly
we must follow what we did before
to get to where we go

Every portion is a gamble
to find marvels all should ramble
with some luck and balanced planning
live to taste the lotus bloom

As we seek evasive answers
look about and try to open
every tiny perfect puzzle
of this planet we infest

Please consider logic’s lesson
to step light upon existence
careless leaching users vanish
if they kill their only host.



  1. You have to tell me if you can follow the links.

  2. you should read john donne’s poem “the flea”!

  3. Hello Samuel.

    I cannot find any relationship between the two poems.

    Except for the title, which is quite unusual.

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