Posted by: p0et | May 28, 2008

Stand Up

Why do we stand before you
with such a fateful risk

We stand up front to greet you
and give voice to all of this

We stand before you knowing
as those who have before

Stood before you hoping
to let you know the score

There is very little peril
for the novice to take here

Such a vague self conjured terror
yet how many feel that fear

In a world of gentle banners
a person may reveal

Open minds and moral manners
their perception of the real

And if that view confronts you
can you take the step

As if that view confounds you
the need may be to stretch



  1. I must have pressed the wrong key, I’m so sorry.

    I don’t know it this is going to work. Could you try following the link?

    This is what I see. The sea at night looks scary at first sight but if you are naked and you dive into the water then you are free.

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