Posted by: p0et | May 28, 2008

Sceptic Slapstick

None deny each glad occasion
when the clown steps out from in us
painted angry smile covering all fear

wanton vision of our nature
further reason different version
we may learn so much from laughter
if time grants us age to think

I’m so tired of sly knockers
sallow jacket night sunglasses
languid conduct of the lizard

callow shallow hollow manners
vapid quip to snipe and slander
every time you spy a notion
of the finer points of life

Never rhyme or read nor wonder
with you ego is the center
yet proud words lie second best

as this clever space provided
by the novel and insightful
displays your sceptic basis
slanted glance at life so dim

You may dance and sing or caper
gaily jape and daily paper over
every tiny aspect of your life and how you live

while you do that keep to yourself
venal views and jealous brickbats
as you struggle with who you are
please leave me and mine to us



  1. This is what I see.

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