Posted by: p0et | June 20, 2008

Life Adds Up

I live a life of

1 to three

and lost a man

who then was me

to slowly grow

and flowing know

the height and depth

and breath sum show

Posted by: p0et | June 6, 2008

Frog Teabagging

The soggy bottom boy

This is early on a deep winter morning in Byron Bay.  The temperature had fallen all the way down to 12 degrees centigrade but this green tree frog found my outdoor spa just the perfect thing to maintain a comfortable balance by dipping his bum into 37 degrees and hanging onto the lid to prevent the formation of frog soup.

We happily shared the spa for about a week until winter had moved on and then so did the frog.

Posted by: p0et | June 6, 2008

Mind Meld

Play tag with real intentions
pass along a tender gesture
then consumate each contact
with a point of honest praise

What may come back from this gamble
is respect and understanding
as evolving players ramble
through a changeling maze all tread

Swirling honour eager healing
pealing layers from the ceiling
moving walls and clearing floorboards
in the chambers of our minds

Feel each fiercely searing instant
every wild erratic flicker
as you touch that fickle portion
of the point where I sees we

Will an ego rise to lash out
at the search to learn and know you
polish shape our small creations
in this craft so wracked with gain

Show fresh fables we alone know
novel secrets unalone now
of those times so recent distant
when we walked in splendour gone

Can your open reason hold me
graceful listen ideas glisten
then to glide toward tomorrow
and enfold that warmth with thought

Sheer mutual treasure near physical pleasure
fear joy and illusion of marvels and fusion
await now the daring
who venture themselves

This trickle flows slow clear vivacious as crystal
enriching each lover increasing all givers
while nameless sad faces race
hating their fear


Posted by: p0et | June 4, 2008

Arachnid enlightenment

spider enlightenment

The intelligence displayed here is almost unfathomable but I suspect that no accident caused this spider to wait on top of a beacon that attracts prey insects.

I took a couple of dozen photos and then left the hunter waiting for the hunted and I never saw this again.

If the photo is enlarged it is possible to see light shining through the spider to give a virtual x-ray.




Posted by: p0et | June 3, 2008

Reality Rules OK!

Gale bent branches lash
not quite shattering windows
to a volatile soul
where my precious passes
our winter reading in silent hope
as a flutter in each shadowed
longed for fantasy clashes
with short term reality to clarify
that after each and every reversal
peace will reclaim our time
Posted by: p0et | June 3, 2008

Prancing Crow

King of the spa

This was the closest I ever came to a crow.  They are very suspicious but after about two months of gentle feeding this crow became bold enough to walk right across the top of my spa.  He was not comfortable if I made eye contact yet seemed quite oblivious to my camera so I watched the crow watching me through the screen on the back of my camera.



Posted by: p0et | May 31, 2008


Life once gained is fragile and perilous
Who flout the laws of nature
question our continued existence


From this scattered jumble
of past places ideas wander
to a history of our nature
an alternate look at life

We all hear a different piper
see a separate stately message
as we wend our puzzled passage
through this changling maze called time

A we think and taste and touch it
take a nervous nibble quickly
we must follow what we did before
to get to where we go

Every portion is a gamble
to find marvels all should ramble
with some luck and balanced planning
live to taste the lotus bloom

As we seek evasive answers
look about and try to open
every tiny perfect puzzle
of this planet we infest

Please consider logic’s lesson
to step light upon existence
careless leaching users vanish
if they kill their only host.

Posted by: p0et | May 28, 2008

To Think

We are separated from the teeming existers by our knowledge of yesterday and belief in tomorrow

To Think

I am therefore I think I know

I know therefore I think I am

I am therefore I know I think

I think I am therefore I know

I know I am therefore I think

I think therefore I know I am

Posted by: p0et | May 28, 2008

Sceptic Slapstick

None deny each glad occasion
when the clown steps out from in us
painted angry smile covering all fear

wanton vision of our nature
further reason different version
we may learn so much from laughter
if time grants us age to think

I’m so tired of sly knockers
sallow jacket night sunglasses
languid conduct of the lizard

callow shallow hollow manners
vapid quip to snipe and slander
every time you spy a notion
of the finer points of life

Never rhyme or read nor wonder
with you ego is the center
yet proud words lie second best

as this clever space provided
by the novel and insightful
displays your sceptic basis
slanted glance at life so dim

You may dance and sing or caper
gaily jape and daily paper over
every tiny aspect of your life and how you live

while you do that keep to yourself
venal views and jealous brickbats
as you struggle with who you are
please leave me and mine to us

Posted by: p0et | May 28, 2008

Stand Up

Why do we stand before you
with such a fateful risk

We stand up front to greet you
and give voice to all of this

We stand before you knowing
as those who have before

Stood before you hoping
to let you know the score

There is very little peril
for the novice to take here

Such a vague self conjured terror
yet how many feel that fear

In a world of gentle banners
a person may reveal

Open minds and moral manners
their perception of the real

And if that view confronts you
can you take the step

As if that view confounds you
the need may be to stretch

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